Scott LaVoie: Pothead

Some might think that I'm insulting Scott LaVoie, when I call him a "pothead", but when you visit his blog, you will see that the guy, who I met this morning at The Woods (a Bellingham coffee shop), is a talented artist who, among other things, enjoys creating hand painted pots and planters. Also what he calls steampunk art. Also "nautical art".

A talented guy, who (like myself) also happens to be currently staying at the Lighthouse Mission. But inasmuch as he has indicated an interest in working for me as a "banner boy" (wearing digitally printed backpack banners for clients), I look forward to working with Scott in a manner which will help both of us to prosper. Read More!

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One option I intend to explore is the option of simply offering downloadable PDF order forms for specific products.
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